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How much do meets cost? PDF Print E-mail


Q: How much do these meets cost?


A: The league sets a fee each year for the meets to cover costs of pool rental and awards, ect.  The fees for these meets are very reasonable, but you need to ask your specific coach what they charge- as there might be a coaches fee or other nominal expense added on their end.

Why do some divers get redo's? PDF Print E-mail


Q: Why do some divers get to redo dives while others don’t?


A:  Depending on your level you are entered in, you can repeat a dive if you fell off the board or did the wrong dive.  Higher levels (4 and up) should have the understanding that this is not how the competition in any other league is, so we do not allow this at these levels.

When will my diver compete? PDF Print E-mail


Q: When exactly will my diver compete?  


A: We send out a timeline to the coaches, and try our best to stick by it—while at the same time not rushing divers too much through their skills.

Is my diver ready? PDF Print E-mail


Q: How do I know if my diver is ready for these meets? 


A:  Simple—even if they are still learning to dive into the water, we have a level for them.  The judges are all coaches and we do our very best to make sure every child has a positive experience at these meets.  Our job is to encourage and promote diving!