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Welcome ODL diver!  We hope you are excited about this Ohio Diving League season. For starters, don’t be nervous about these meets.  Your coaches will be judging and we are looking at developing skills—so come here, have fun and everyone leaves with a really nice medal!!  This league was created so you can test those skills you have been working on and to allow you to see other divers and what they are learning.  These meets usually help to motivate you to work towards next dives and new goals for the next meet.  We encourage you to try the 3 meter—whether it is just entries and jumps or your full list for the first time—experience is what matters.  If you are in high school and have started your season by participating in a meet (not just practices), then you may not participate in the ODL until the end of your season.

On the day of the meet you can expect to check in with your coach and make sure what time you are diving.  You will have an assigned warmup time and then for the younger divers—they will call you over and line you up in your diving order.  We ask that you remain in that order until the end of the competition.  Older divers, either listen for who is “on deck” or know who you are after. Once your series of events is over, we will give out awards!  Good Luck!





D.O.M. (Diver of the Meet)



November 2011 Diver of the Meet--- Meet Lyle!

Lyle Y. is 11 years old. He has been diving with the American Flyers Diving team for 3 years. Lyle started getting serious about diving one year ago. He attends diving practice about 4 days on average per week. The highlight for Lyle at the Cleveland State ODL meet would definitely be ripping his back dive tuck and inward dive pike for 8 & 8.5s! This past summer, Lyle participated in the USA Summer Age Group National meet in Knoxville, TN, placing 10th on 1 meter, 12th on 3 meter, and 6th on 5 meter platform. Some of his other hobbies include parkour, reading, and Boy Scouts. Lyles favorite movies are the National Treasures series & favorite tv show is Good Luck Charlie.



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Rank Last Name  First Name Team Affiliation Score Date Site


1 Bell Katie US Elite Diving 103.00 12/1/2001 University of Cincinnati
2 Huffman Kellan US Elite Diving 98.00 3/21/2010 Columbus Rec Center
3 Hayes Brea Sylvania Dive Club 97.00 11/12/1999 University School
4 Harder Julie Sylvania Dive Club 96.50 11/16/1997 Northview High School
5 Lowe Alexa RC Diving Torpedoes 95.50 12/5/1998
5 Iacovetta Leanna US Elite Diving 95.50 12/15/2001 Columbus Rec Center
6 Asmen Kristen US Elite Diving 95.00 12/1/2001 University of Cincinnati
7 Balazs Elizabeth North Coast Diving 94.50 12/16/2001 University School
8 Sterling Josh American Flyers 93.00 12/19/1999
8 Grainger Molly Dive Cincinnati 93.00 12/1/2001 University of Cincinnati
1 Dybdahl Mary ACES Diving 231.40 4/18/2010 Ashland University
2 Ferreira Alanna Sylvania Dive Club 229.85 1/30/2000
3 Schuermann Claire WTRC Dive Team 223.15 4/18/2010 Ashland University
4 Bell Katie US Elite Diving 218.75 12/15/2001 Columbus Rec Center
5 Colturi David Sylvania Dive Club 213.10 5/13/2000 Ohio State University
6 Alexander Ashley Dive Cincinnati 212.30 3/28/1998
7 Chasteen Jen Dive Cincinnati 206.00 12/15/1998
8 White Lauren North Coast Diving 204.85 12/19/1999
9 Hanser Kayla RC Diving Torpedos 204.35 12/06/1999
10 Hunter Atha ACES Diving 203.00 3/21/2010 Columbus Rec Center
1 Ball Olivia Akron Rippers 265.25 1/17/2010 John Carroll University
2 Orwig Kristen North Coast Diving 257.35 5/13/2000 Ohio State University
3 Oberdorf Alex

Akron Rippers

250.85 1/17/2010 John Carroll University
4 Neal Kara North Coast Diving 245.45 11/14/1999 University  School
5 Romanik Stephen

Akron Rippers

239.50 1/17/2010 John Carroll University
6 Jones Chris Berea Diving Club 238.05 11/14/1999 University School
7 Bromberg Murphy US Elite Diving 237.25 12/13/2009 Columbus Aquatic Center
8 Kaufman Mike Dive Cincinnati 236.10 3/21/1998
9 Dinsmore David US Elite Diving 232.90 12/13/2009 Columbus Aquatic Center
10 Polk Katie WTRC 229.00 3/21/2010 Columbus Aquatic Center


Last Name First Name Team Affiliation Score Date Site
1 Chasteen Jen Dive Cincinnati 100.50 3/21/1998 University of Cincinnati
2 Sylvester Gina RC Diving Torpedoes 97.00 10/31/1998
3 Herron Karlie Sylvania Dive Club 95.50 11/16/1997 Northview High School
4 Hurst Jenny Dive Cincinnati 95.00 3/21/1998 University of Cincinnati
4 Scheirberg Scott RC Diving Torpedoes 95.00 11/13/1999
4 Grainger Michael Dive Cincinnati 95.00 12/1/2001 University of Cincinnati
5 England Sabina Dive Cincinnati 93.00 12/1/2001 University of Cincinnati
6 Kujawa Megan WTRC Diving 91.00 12/13/2009 Columbus Aquatic Center
7 McMahon Nick RC Diving Torpedoes 90.50 11/13/1999
7 Kujawa Megan WTRC Dive Team 90.50 4/18/2010 Ashland University
8 Donley Ryan Central Ohio Diving 90.00 5/16/1998 Ohio State University
1 Clay Alex ACES Diving 234.10 9/15/2009 CT Branin
2 Lampe Marissa RC Diving Torpedoes 223.20 3/4/2000
3 Hill Kris Greater Akron Diving 217.60 1/30/2000
4 Chasteen Jen Dive Cincinnati 212.75 11/15/1997
5 Carter Kathryn Dive Cincinnati 211.80 5/16/1998 Ohio State University
6 Glick Bethany Findlay Diving 211.70 3/21/2010 Columbus Rec Center
7 Neal Kate RC Diving Torpedoes 211.55 11/15/1997
8 Sylvester Gina RC Diving Torpedoes 208.85 4/24/1999
9 Slavik Ryan WTRC Diving 208.15 3/21/2010 Columbus Rec Center
10 Sheehan Heather RC Diving Torpedoes 203.35 4/24/1999
1 Ball Olivia Akron Rippers 266.65 1/17/2010 John Carroll University
2 Obendorf Alex Akron Rippers 250.90 1/17/2010 John Carroll University
3 Neal Kate RC Diving Torpedos 249.65 5/16/1998 Ohio State University
4 Neal Kara North Coast Diving 241.00 11/14/1999 University School
5 Bromberg Murphy US Elite Diving 235.40 12/13/2009 Columbus Aquatic Center
6 Kaufman Mike Dive Cincinnati 234.10 3/21/1998
7 Jones Chris Berea Dive Club 232.50 5/16/1998 Ohio State University
8 Delisio Lauren North Coast Diving 225.30 3/03/2002 Brook Park Rec Center
9 Brenner Laurie Dive Cincinnati 222.80 12/01/2001 University of Cincinnati
10 Demby Kristen Jeff Arnold Diving 217.80 11/14/1999 University School