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About the Ohio Diving League


The Ohio Diving League (ODL) was formed in 1990 as a developmental diving league to provide skill-based meet experience for divers. The meets are formatted by levels or abilities as opposed to age group. This allows divers to work within their ability and progress at their own rate. The league has traditionally hosted 5 meets between November and April with a championship meet in May. This season, the coaches have voted to extend the season throughout the summer, and take off the big competition months of February and March for high school, college and USA divers.  Entry fees are very minimal, and meets are scheduled on Sunday afternoons to allow travel without the extra expense of hotel accommodations.

Some of the best divers in the Nation have started out in this league including one Olympian and several NCAA and High School All- Americans. Many divers who started in the Ohio Diving League have gone on to earn college scholarships. The format, concept and popularity of the ODL is such that other states around the USA have started similar programs. No wonder the Ohio Diving League is starting its 20th year!

We hope this site provides all the information you need as a coach, parent and diver. If you are new and do not have a club, hopefully the coaches page will lead you to one of the ODL participating teams!


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